Starting while still living in Boston in 2013, I began to collect old bricks and some other "samples" of materials that had become completely torn from their original place. After returning to Houston in 2015 I continued this accumulation and have amassed a collection of several hundred bricks from various sites around the city. I think of the bricks and other chunks as artifacts, ruins of the present, and I process them accordingly: I photograph them, take rubbings of their surfaces, and research their origins. I find the diversity of bricks in Houston to be fascinating, they hail from all over the state, from Oklahoma and Illinois, as well from several manufacturers in Mexico. For me, comparing the movement of actual Earth (in the form of bricks) across space and time to Houston, serves as an apt metaphor for migrations of people across the planet. Over the grand span of time, borders do not exist, and the landscape itself changes, rendering any notion of claim or ownership or entitlement inevitably temporary and trivial.