Alien Topographies 2019 (Collaboration with Edwin Terrell)

The materials presented here are the result of a collaboration between Alexander Squier and Edwin Terrell, and were begun as auxiliary research contributed to the "Houston Brick Archive" at BOX 13 ArtSpace in Houston, TX between 2018 and 2019. Alien Topographies was most recently included in Hombres Sincercos, a group exhibition at MECA in Houston, TX. The video converts the surfaces of the bricks found across Houston back into terrain, both familiar and alien, a sensation reinforced by the soundscape, which is composed using sounds generated from the bricks themselves.

Alien Topographies,  installed at  Hombres Sinceros , MECA, Houston, TX (June 2019) Photo by Pin Lim

Alien Topographies, installed at Hombres Sinceros, MECA, Houston, TX (June 2019) Photo by Pin Lim

CURRENTLY ON VIEW: (Slideshow of construction, decay, and more here)

Temple to the Original (I)     10/13 /18 - 9/15/19

The Temple to the Original is dedicated to the veneration of a single, ruined brick salvaged from Houston’s past. The piece is constructed of press-molded adobe copies of the original brick. The installation is on view Sawyer Yards Art Alley through next fall, and will open in conjunction with Sculpture Month 2018. Read more about it here


Earthly Bodies: The Houston Brick Archive   12/1 /18 - 2/2/19

The exhibition highlights a collection of bricks collected from around Houston over the past 2 and a half years. The bricks are studied from various angles, their origins traced, and their qualities explored. They are treated as invaluable ruins, but also as a metaphor for people; their movements and the diverse fabric of our city. This project was funded by the Houston Arts Alliance and the City of Houston. The Houston Brick Archive is on display at BOX 13 ArtSpace, at 6700 Harrisburg Blvd in Houston's East End District.