Born: Houston, Texas in 1988

Alexander Squier is a conceptual artist who works across media including printmaking, drawing, photography, video and installation. Squier earned his BFA from the University of Rochester, and his MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (Tufts University) in 2013. He taught printmaking there before returning to his hometown of Houston. Currently, Squier has a studio at Box 13 Artspace in Houston's East End, and teaches printmaking at the Glassell School of Art, and the University of Houston.


I am interested in cycles of construction and destruction -  I think critically about my natural and built surroundings; and I question human legacy. My work is informed by research and documentation, and is somewhat archaeological in nature: Through drawing, photography, installations, and prints, I aim to blur time and create new contexts for  reconsidering our landscape. This is in direct dialogue with an ongoing study of architecture and urban planning, of the histories embodied by our buildings, and by their interaction with the landscape and human beings.. How do the patterns and trends in urban development, design and construction, and economics, reflect culture or philosophy? My aim is to develop a better understanding of what forces are behind this constant state of flux, and to incite thoughtfulness regarding the decisions involved.

This study is also a formal one dealing with reductive form, repetition, and design tendencies. Also interesting to me are the paradoxes inherent in the elements and surfaces that surround us - our roads, homes, offices, and parks - contain elements both general and specific, singular and same. They are imperfect copies, inherently unique in their composition and subtle inconsistencies, which become more apparent with time.