Remnants / Visions was The installation converted a decrepit 1959 ranch house, which dated to the very beginning of the Sharpstown District, into an archaeological museum and active excavation site. Collectibles and domestic items found onsite were treated as relics, bricks and blocks unearthed in the backyard were transformed into “reconstructed” monuments and ruins. All of the objects on display, cinder blocks and the bricks were found onsite, and speak to the past and present of the district. Video components showed views of the area’s landscape from a drone, another from both sides of a car, and the third focused on empty spaces both natural (undeveloped land) and built (parking lots, defunct stripmalls). The project remained up and open to the public for over six months, and was sponsored by Seeds of Sharpstown, and completed with help from the Sharpstown Civic Association, Sharpstown International High School, and Sharpstown High School. The installation was initially planned to be temporary, much like the landscape it speaks to; despite later demand for it to stay, the house at 7831 Fondren Rd is no longer around.

BELOW: VIDEO WALKTHROUGH with original soundscape by artist Edwin Terrell. The soundscape played throughout the house during open hours.